Monday, November 21, 2011

Unbound Pose Pack #3

Here's the third pose pack for unbound members only!
Remember to join and have lots of fun! <3

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Unbound Scoop Newspaper Pose Pack!

Hello everybody! I've been MIA for so long! wow!
I've been so busy with school but thanks to God, next friday i will have a 3 months vacations!

I will show you the pose pack i made for this months issue of the Unbound Newspaper! it is a really cool issue if you haven´t checked it out yet! Lots of creativity and fashion!
Well here are the last set i have done for it!

REMEMBER, Only for Unbound users!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ruby Masquerade•

I have joined to a Sims 3 Role Play forum made by Jillie And Harlee 
At the beginning it was hard for me to understand what it was about because
i have never done that before! so some simmers had to explain me!
We had to make a character and thenn introduce her to everybody, we'll be acting
as this character in the different places of the forum.
SO i made this girl named Ruby Masquerade!

About this interesting girl:

No one is sure about how Ruby looks, she's a very versatile and unusual girl. But what really defines her is her look, she is the queen of masks, she change them everyday i think her addiction to them started while she was in her teenager years, there was a big masquerade party and then she wore something very unusual and everybody was amazed, there's where her ego and reputation started to grow in the school.Her many appearances really show up her sexy side and it's a way to express herself, maybe her feeling or something she going trough or has been trough.Her way to dress it's really fashioned, she also loves to feel good and free with what she's wearing, she just wants to be comfortable but she wants that when the people look at her they will think how IN she is and as i said before, her body language it's her many masks, they are just her way to free her mind and express how she feels everyday also it's a way to stand out from the rest, she loves to be in the spotlight and be different from the rest.

*The Little Black Bra* Assignment 6 Photo!

So i showed you all my photo of the assignment 5 of this super fun competition hosted by Jillie!
Past assignment was about my model going in a carnaval and having fun!
This one was named VIP PASS! 
What that means? 
Well i have to show up my model's backstage and what hse does in it when she's there!

So here's my hot red-headed! :D


Everywhere WIllow goes she needs to be served! even in her backstage room, she always wants more and more and more crazy things! This time she wanted to have a pair of burleaque dancers (even though she doesn´t pay attention to them) an stylist and someone that gives her what she needs and off course her slave errrmm.. i mean, her right hand!
She's very picky with everything she wants but something that can´t be missing everywhere she goes is a mirror and a photo of herself! ♥ Also she likes to set-up everything to Las Vegas style,also everybody is in a hurry always! is it because Willow is too stressing...? 0.o
SO while everybody is running she's there eating her favorite wine, and enjoying candy corns and chocolates sent by her fans!
Anyway,Even though she's always being served, she's busy answering to modeling opportunities in a way to dont hurt client's feelings... SUCH A HARD WORK FOR HER!

(the half done make up and everything is fully intentional lol!)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Unbound Pose Set!

Well here it is! My HF pose set for 
ONLY Unbound members!

i hope you enjoy it

Note: i hope i can learn how to add them to one package and make them appear int he list but for the moment you'll have to type them in you pose player.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fashion poses coming soon!


Well, lately i have worked on some awesome fashion poses for the members at Unbound, 
this set will be released very soon!
How to download?
Well this pose is only for unbound members so have to join there and then you can download them! 

Here's a preview!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Request your Poses

Here i am once again!
I hope you all liked my first set of poses! And now i'm taking your request to create Fab poses!! i will do a set that consists about 5 poses!
So get your fashion photos and request your pose! :)  I hope i can see a lot of creativity and off course...